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Perfect Material for your Sebha

Selecting a Perfect Material for your Sebha

Prayer beads are known by various names in Islam, including misbaha, sub’ha, dhikr beads, tasbih, and tasbeeha. They are found in many other religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, with 33 circular beads divided into three groups of 11 by flat or larger beads. The starting point of prayer recitation is usually marked with a large main bead and a tassel attached to it.

Touching one bead at a time, worshippers recite dhikr phrases (remembrance of Allah). The 99 names of Allah or God praising phrases may be used in these recitations. Subhan Allah (Glory to Allah) 33 times, Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah) 33 times, and Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greatest) 33 times are some of the words that are always chanted.

People used their hands to recite these phrases during Prophet’s Day, and this tradition continues to this day. To count prayers, pebbles were also used.

Wooden Prayer Beads

Oak, which is often decorated with small geometric or floral patterns, is a symbol of humility and simplicity. They are easy to transport and are often used while traveling. During their pilgrimage, some people dip wooden prayer beads in the holy water of Zamzam, which comes from a special well in Mecca.

Coral Prayer Beads

The endurance and captivating red color of precious coral prayer beads are two of its distinguishing features, making it famous for jewelry and prayer beads.

Amethyst Prayer Beads

Among ancient Greeks Quartz was thought to shield people from intoxication.

Misbaha made of Adeeq (carnelian agate)

The Prophet Mohammed is said to have worn a ring made of this reddish-brown stone with writing “Mohammed Prophet of Allah” engraved on the surface, which he used as his personal seal for stamping papers.

Golden Sub’ha

Golden prayer beads, which are often encrusted with diamonds, are a popular trend nowadays and a prestigious symbol of wealth as well as a tribute to the modern world.

Black onyx Tasbih

This fine finish stone of respect and courage is also called black chalcedony quartz. Gemstone Prayer beads are always hand-crafted, and usually bear the owner’s name sealed into the stone with delicate traces of mother of pearl stone. It is known as a gemstone of self-mastery, and Prayer Beads made of Black Onyx are a perfect gift for elderly people as a symbol of gratitude and good wishes.

Lapis lazuli Tasbeeha

Legends of sorcery, strength, and knowledge of the long past abound in the deep celestial blue stone’s history. Because of its natural charm, it was worn by ancient royals and is considered one of the most precious prayer beads. It is believed to stimulate worshippers’ gratitude for all the gifts of Allah and to help during meditations as well as to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Fayrouz (turquoise) Misbaha

In popular culture, the distinctive blue-green stone is thought to turn away evil eyes and bad energies brought on by envy. This belief originates from pre-Islamic times, when the stone was widely used in talismans and amulets to ward off darkness. Though many religious Islamic scholars condemn this practice, many Muslims continue to use turquoise prayer beads as means of defense from the evil eye.

Pearl Prayer Beads

Pearls are common materials for prayer beads, particularly among female worshippers, because of their “pure” elegance. Pearl prayer beads enhance feminine spirit, inspire respect and gratitude for God’s creations, as well as a sense of unity with nature during meditation.

Amber Misbaha

Despite it looks like a gemstone, Amber is a fossilised resin of prehistoric pines which comes in various colors of yellow, brown, orange, and white. It is thought to clear harmful energies and suppress inflammations. Because of its subtle and soothing colors, it became a very popular material for prayer beads.

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