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About Us


About Us

PRAYER BEADS is a workshop and online store, which specializes in designing, production and sale of prayer beads. Our craftsmen use only authentic genuine materials such as: natural gems and fine wood as well as hand-made accessories of the highest quality.

We use only beads made of natural stones originating from all corners of the world: Africa, Brazil, Australia, Southeast Asia, Russia, India, China and other countries and regions.

These minerals possess amazing energy accumulated over millions of years in the bowels of the earth and brought to you in our prayer beads. We select only the best gems for our products and each bead go through 2 level quality control including strict defect testing.

Even the most discerning client will find his perfect Prayer Beads among our wide selection of premium products.

We use 4 main categories of accessories in our products to cater all kinds of our Customers’ demands and guarantee flexible pricing. These are:

  • special jewelry alloy based on brass or nickel;
  • polished stainless steel;
  • 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 sterling silver coated with 24 karat gold.

Our scope of products includes traditional Prayer Beads and original custom designs. We also offer stylish women's and men's bracelets which combine the power of stones, individuality, natural beauty, as well as match owner’s needs.

We pay special attention to customization requests received from our clients. All our Prayer Beads are hand-made and thought out to the last detail. Sustainable design of our beads brings out the natural beauty of stones which lasts for decades. Each of our products has its own story, distinct looks and creates special mood.

When you buy Prayer Beads at our web store, please rest assured of gems natural origin, authenticity of materials as well as durability of our products. Meanwhile their beauty and original design will emphasize exclusivity of your choice and guarantee that you get a very personal piece of art containing positive energy specific to the owner.

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