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Gemstone Prayer Beads Collection

Handcrafted masterpieces made of genuine materials

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Silver PrayerBeads Collection

High Status Accessory made of noble metal starting from $195

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Gemstone Beads Bracelets

Designer Bracelets made of gemstones

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Wooden Prayer Beads Collection

Handmade wooden subha – misbaha prayer beads. Olive tree, rosewood, ebony tree, sandalwood and more…

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Meditation Malas Collection

Meditation malas are used in many forms as necklaces, for yoga and meditation purposes. 108 beads gemstone and wood malas.

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Worry Beads Collection

Gemstone worry beads with sterling silver handle and tassel

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Special Design Silver Prayer Beads

Silver balances social and physical states as well as individual’s behavior. It improves stamina and clarity of mind. It has a soothing effect similar to moon energy which helps to alleviate tension.

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Throughout the course of history people of various civilizations used prayer beads and worry beads in religious ceremonies as well as in their day-to-day lives to relief stress and meditate. Believers all over the world finger beads during their prayers to keep count of repetitions of zicrs.

Depending on

misbaha beads

material it can protect its owner from evil eye, bring him peace of mind, stimulate creativity etc. The use of Prayer Beads as a meditation tool dates back to the dawn of times. Prayer Beads can be found in practically every culture. Handcrafted Sebha Prayer Beads offered at our website deliver both metaphysical and mental effects.

At PrayerBeads.ae you can always find a significant number of

Prayer Beads for sale

at very attractive price with Free of Charge Worldwide delivery and 30 days money return guarantee.

Prayer beads provide a lot of positive energy and powerups its User. Since ancient times, people have been drawn to gemstones because of their rich colors of multiple shades and smooth, pleasant to touch texture. Moreover, each semi-precious stone possesses its own unique meaning.

For example, Native Americans thought that those wearing Turquoise would not ever break their bones. So, they used to embed turquoise gemstones into their battle shields. Aztec also valued Turquoise believing that it protects from evil eye and dark sorcery.

Another good example is Amethyst which ancient Greeks used to produce wine goblets, since this gemstone is believed to relief intoxication from alcohol.

Though it is Malas beads, which are considered to be perfect meditation tools,


and Misbaha beads can also be used to relax and regain emotional balance.

At PrayerBeads.ae we offer the widest range of Prayer Beads for sale at World Wide Web. All our sebha, misbaha beads and tasbih are handmade of natural materials, such as genuine semi-precious and precious stones and minerals, fine woods and silver.

Sebha and Misbaha prayer beads are usually hand made of a variety of gemstones, precious metals, fine woods, and other materials.

At our website you can

buy prayer beads online

made of the following gemstones: natural amber, genuine agate, onyx, turquoise, authentic pearl, coral, quartz, chalcedony, jade, onyx, and many others.

Kuka, Ebony, Olive tree, Cherry, Teak, Cyprus tree and many other fine wood materials are used in

Tasbih beads for sale

at our webstore.

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